More to Writing than Writing

book, manuscript, editor, work, publish, design, writingThere is so much more to writing than writing. It never ceases to amaze me how much more time I spend on my writing career that doesn’t involve getting my story on paper.

There is setting up book signings, then doing the signs for it, then the pre-advertising, and, and , and…

Oh, but before you get to that, you need a website, and a Facebook account, or Pinterest, or Snapchat. You need a following. But how do you build a following? A blog, of course.

How do you learn about what you need to do? Research the internet, read books in your genre, read books about writing, read books about publishing. Join writers’ circles, book clubs, author associations.

Where does marketing come in? Before you’re done writing or after? Or somewhere in between? What do I know about marketing? Better read more books, do more research. Maybe a seminar or class.

In the meantime, you need to get your cover designed, manuscript edited (multiple times), and storyline boosted. Good thing you have a super publisher to help you with all that.

Dang, that’s me!