Change Your Morning

Change Your Morning

Kevin Kruse, author of 15 Secrets of Successful People Know about Time Management, stresses the importance of giving yourself some time. And if you don’t do it first thing in the morning, it isn’t going to get done. Some people spend that time in mediation, others in a good workout. Think about stretching while listening to a podcast, killing two birds with one stone. I like to read my Bible while I’m eating breakfast.

Whatever your preference, it’s good to turn it into a routine. Don’t check your phone, or sit at the computer, “just for a minute.” It will disrupt your flow and throw your day out of whack.
Some key things to consider working in to your morning routine are drinking water and eating a good breakfast. Those two things will get you off to a great start. Then do something for you—exercise, meditate, yoga, reading, etc. The idea is that investing in yourself will take you to a higher level of success.

If you are struggling with this concept, another book to consider is The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod. In it, Elrod lays out a system he calls SAVERS: Silence, Affirmations, Visualization, Exercise, Reading, and Scribing.

Give it a try. And remember, it takes a least 45 days to turn an action into a habit. Don’t give up too quickly. Adjust your routine if you need to, but give yourself some time.

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