The Road to Publishing

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By Dawn Brotherton

The Road to Publishing

It’s a long, twisting road to publishing—don’t let anyone tell you differently. There’s no one path, and results are as varied as the methods to get there.

I have written and published numerous titles. I have also published works by other authors and helped them realize their dreams. I speak at conferences, teach classes on publishing and work with schools and Girl Scouts to encourage young writers.

Now I’d like to extend my reach and help you. I would never claim to know everything about publishing. It’s growing and changing at such a rapid pace, I don’t think anyone could ever make that claim. Before you make a decision affecting your life, you owe it to yourself to do some homework.

Let’s start here.

"The Road to Publishing is a well-written, thorough account of what every author needs to know as they embark upon their writing journey. Faced with myriad challenges along the way, it can be easy for a writer to get lost in the “what next” questions after a manuscript is written. By following the step-by-step breakdown of how to approach the world of publishing, The Road to Publishing provides a detailed map for writers who want their book to succeed. I highly recommend it for any stage of your writing journey, from people considering writing a manuscript to writers who are ready to publish." -Narielle Living, President, Blue Fortune Enterprises LLC

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