Your Senior Executive Service Application

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By Susan Custard

Managing the Maze–Your Senior Executive Service Application

Book 1 in the Managing the Maze Series

Managing the Maze–Your Senior Executive Service Application is the first book by an exciting author – Susan Custard. Susan brings her 30+ years of Federal human resources experience “to the table” to help candidates develop an outstanding and competitive application for government executive positions.

Susan has written over 500 government executive applications – and has taught many workshops. She now brings this expertise to you through her book – an opportunity for applicants, whether within or external to the government, to easily access expertise at a remarkable price!

Join Susan in a thorough and easy-to-read discussion of the Federal government’s executive selection process, and understand the value of the executive resume, the Executive Core Qualifications and the Technical Qualifications in each part of the process!

Using project planning and career coaching techniques, Susan brings her expertise and ability to translate the process to the lay person – all the while gently encouraging you, the reader, through the various steps required for comprehensive application development!

A worthwhile investment – with the opportunity to ask direct questions to the author through her website!

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