Book Festivals

book, festival, author, Brotherton, Williamsburg, VA, FreeJust finished the Williamsburg Book Festival. It’s a great chance to connect with readers and writers-in-the-making.
I love sharing a story. Your story can be about anything–totally fiction, autobiographical about how you were raised, a children’s book teaching a lesson. Stories are fascinating! And I love helping them reach the world.

I was encouraged today by the number of writers that are looking to get published for one reason or another. Not one of them mention getting rich! (Good thing, since most writers have a day-job.) But they want their story told and are anxious to learn the ropes.

I was surprised by one author who said that he “didn’t want to do all this stuff,” gesturing at the number of authors that had gathered to sell their books. I had to break it to him that selling books face-to-face is the way an author makes the most money! Cut out the middle-man storekeeper or online retailer, and that’s more money in your pocket. Not to mention, you are getting your name out there. Word of mouth is a great advertising tool.

Even with the big publishers, the author is expected to market his or her book. The publisher wants to see what you are doing to promote your name and your product. I realize that many authors prefer to hide behind a keyboard, but that isn’t the world of business. To be successful, you need to let people know that you are successful.

Take advantages of book festivals in your area. What a great way to meet published authors and learn how they did it! Pick their brains on lessons learned and find out what types of books sell. It’s all in the name of research. Look at their table displays and see what catches your eye. Take away the ideas you liked or didn’t like and think about how to design your table display (candy is a big hit!).

Mostly, support your local authors and encourage them in their ventures. That may be you sitting behind the table one day!