Elevator Speech

You’ve probably heard this term before. It isn’t just for writers. It’s for anyone trying to sell themselves or a product. If you are in an elevator with someone and they ask what you do for a living, you only have the 30 seconds it takes to ride the elevator to hook them. If you […]

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Where do Agents Fit in?

Where Do Agents Fit In Some publishers won’t talk to you without an agent. Agents have contacts with various publishing circles and pitch your manuscript to publishers on your behalf. The better deal they get for you, typically the more money they make, so they are motivated to get you as much as they can. […]

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What is a Query Letter?

If you are going to go the traditional publishing route (ie, getting a big-name publisher), you will need to do a query letter. Make sure you check the publisher’s website for the exact format but all will probably require need a few basic things. Jane Friedman does a great job of outlining a query letter: […]

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Editors–Don’t Skip This Step!

No matter how good of a writer you are, you need an editor (or editors!). Don’t fool yourself. There are multiple options to search for an editor. The internet is full of advertisements. Don’t jump at the first one you see. If you have writer friends, ask them for recommendations—learn from their mistakes. If you […]

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My First Mistake

Don’t make my mistake. I’m going to get ahead of myself, but I want to keep you, the reader, on the right track. I jumped from writing to publishing. There is so much more in between and I don’t want you to make the same mistakes. As a start-up, I wanted to do the economical […]

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Long, Twisting Road

It’s a long, twisting road to publishing—don’t let anyone tell you differently. There is no one path and results are as varied as the methods to get there. My journey started as a simple quest to get my story on paper. When I was a second lieutenant in the Air Force stationed in Missouri as […]

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Missile tourism

Missile Tourism The Air Force Times recently ran a story about F.E. Warren AFB, Wyoming turning one of their missile silos into a museum for the Peacekeeper missile and opening it to the public. ( Whiteman AFB, Missouri has already done this for the Minuteman II missile. “One of the most stressful and least glamorous […]

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Book Signings

Book Signings – Blue Dragon Publishing If you ever see an author sitting behind a table with stacks of books in front of him/her, take pity. Stop and say hello, even if you don’t need another book. Give them human interaction so their time goes by more quickly. It’s really hard to put yourself out […]

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Where does the day go?

Where Does The Day Go? I’m at work and the day drags by, the clock barely moving some days.  I rush home…to put off doing what needs to be done.  I have so much to do, which makes me very unmotivated to get started.  Once I get started, I feel pretty good.  Once I’m finished, […]

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