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Commas, Commas, and more Commas

So how do you do with commas? I think I’m pretty good most of the time. It took me a while to adjust between the military writing style using American Psychological Association and the Chicago Manual of Style (CMS) used in novels. You may have heard that it’s optional to put a comma before the […]

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Chicago Manual of Style

The Chicago Manual of Style is an essential guide for writers, editors, and publishers…and word geeks. I turn to this 1,000+ page reference guide often as I’m writing or editing to look up the approved way of formatting or abbreviating something. But I get lost in the interesting facts that probably only capture the attention […]

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Energy is Everything

Do you perform better at a certain time of the day? That is when your energy is highest. You can keep up that pace by re-energizing yourself throughout the day. Our bodies naturally go in cycles where they need to recharge every 90 minutes or so. Pushing through it with coffee or sheer will is […]

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Change Your Morning

Kevin Kruse, author of 15 Secrets of Successful People Know about Time Management, stresses the importance of giving yourself some time. And if you don’t do it first thing in the morning, it isn’t going to get done. Some people spend that time in mediation, others in a good workout. Think about stretching while listening […]

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Touch It Once

Touch it once. Sounds simple, right? For some things, it is. I don’t have a problem putting dishing directly into the dishwasher after eating. It’s better than them piling in the sink waiting to be done. That’s an example of touch it once. Kevin Kruse, author of 15 Secrets of Successful People Know about Time […]

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Theme Your Days

This one is my favorite—Theme Your Days. Even my daughters will comment to me that’s it’s “Website Wednesday.” My schedule seemed impossible to get a handle on. As an entrepreneur, I could work the hours I wanted to, but that seemed to be most the hours in my day. Kevin Kruse, author of 15 Secrets […]

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“Leverage your expertise and delegate the rest.” These wise words come from Jeff Moore, president of two seafood companies. Another word for delegating these days is outsource. Kevin Kruse, author of 15 Secrets of Successful People Know about Time Management, talks about the importance of prioritizing how you spend your time. He quotes the Harvard […]

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80/20 Rule

You’ve probably heard it said that 20% of the people do 80% of the work. This is called the Pareto Principle, named after an Italian economist. One way to get to focus your workload is to analyze where you are spending most of your time. Look at your client base. Who are the 80% of […]

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Just Say No

You’ve heard that busy people just keep getting busier? Or that 80% of the work is done by 20% of the people? That’s because people that get things done are the first one someone thinks about when something needs to be done. That’s why we need to learn to Just Say No. Kevin Kruse, author […]

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