Sheri Wilson

Sheri Wilson

Sheri Wilson, also known as “Miss Sheri,” was raised by loving parents in a small town in Pennsylvania. She was taught that each morning you start off by taking care of your family’s needs. Then you open your door, helping everyone you see by being kind and caring.

While in high school, Sheri volunteered helping children with disabilities and with a Christian Group, “Young People Who Care.” Their mission was to go into the community helping those in need. After graduation, she volunteered at the Young People Who Care Center in Frenchville, Pa.

Sheri then married to her high school sweetheart, Dan. They have four daughters: Danielle, Jeni, Holly, and Terry. Their daughters married and have blessed them with 9 grandchildren.

Miss Sheri decided to write each of her grandchildren a kindness book that was about them. The books would teach the grandchildren about kindness with a kindness act on each page.

Miss Sheri is also a professional clown, volunteering at many charities. She decided to start reading and teaching children about kindness from her grandchildren’s books at her events. Now she is sharing them with you!

Miss Sheri, Danielle, and Terry are also writing a series of books to teach children how to understand and be kind to other children with disabilities and illnesses.

They want to teach families that all children can be amazing friends. When there is awareness and kindness, it leads to great friendships.

Miss Sheri’s first book, Sydney is Kind and Includes Daisy Margaret, was released in October 2017.

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