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Dawn Brotherton

Brotherton, softball, romance, mystery, austin, scorebook, military

Paige Ashley Brotherton

Paige, Brotherton, high school, Lady Tigers, author, writer, softball, fastpitch, young

Mary Colburn-Green

CKCS, Rescues, Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, Show, Agility, Puppies, ACKCS Rescue, Rescue Trust, Breeder, Show dogs, Gift Book, Green, Mary Colburn-Green

Anthony Browne

Browne, grieving, bereavement, MS, daughter, sadness, grief, coping

Sheri Wilson

Sheri Wilson, Wilson, Miss Sheri, clown, kindness, series, children, book, launch, author

Carol Turpin

Turpin, Christian, devotional, prayer, Carol

Cheryl Carvajal

Author Cheryl Carvajal, pig, children, cartoon, lessons

Natalie Rouse

Rouse, marketing, cultural, strategy, planning

Adriana Waterston

Blue Dragon Publishing Author Adriana Waterston

Lawrence Stutzriem

Stutzriem, Brotherton, military, general, Austin, F-16, fly

Michelle Barrett

Barrett, dog, Tale, lost, missing, pet

Susan Custard

Susan, Custard, SES, government, personnel, consulting, teaching, instructor,

Terry Simon

Terry, Simon, ribbon, series, disease, handicap, ailment, disability, author, children, kids, kindness

Raymond Houston

quilter, quilt, sewing, celtic, knots, applique, learn, workbook, tessalation

Amy Voltaire

amy, voltaire, author, book, addict, addiction, young adult. YA, novel, social, teen,teenager, writer

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