Twitter Contests for Writers

Twitter Contests for writers. A dream come true. A while back I wrote about finding a literary agent on Twitter. has an article on this topic that you should check out if you have a finished manuscript in search of an agent. Here are the upcoming contests from Twitter they list: April 5: #AdPit [...]

American Librarian Association Midwinter

American Librarian Association Midwinter Conference--Research Spent a great day walking through the exhibit hall of the American Librarian Association Midwinter Conference in Atlanta. Getting a chance to talk to other publishers, authors, editors, and librarians—I was in heaven! As I started my rounds, I felt awkward and unsure of what to ask. By my last [...]

Looking for an Agent? Try Twitter

If you are ready to publish and don't want to go it alone, there are ways to find an agent. I mentioned in an early post a few articles and websites to review. Now I'm going to add Twitter. If you follow certain organizations/people, they will sometimes tweet when they are looking for new clients, [...]

Feeling Overwhelmed? Set Smaller Goals

Feeling overwhelmed? It's a new year. A chance for new beginnings. Let's make a new year's resolution not to make a resolution. Let's just get things done! When I think of all it takes to be a writer, editor, publisher, marketer (is that right?), and speaker, it's easy to become overwhelmed. So I do what [...]

Book Cover Design: Your First Impression

Nothing sells your book better than your book cover. It's the "face" of your story. Hiring a professional cover designer is worth the money. Your cover design needs to capture the attention of the readers so they will pick it up and read the back cover. The cover should not focus on one scene in [...]

The Difference Between Publicity vs Marketing

Differences between Publicity vs Marketing This was a lesson I learned not long ago when I was searching for help with marketing. Marketing focuses on advertisements, radio, TV, and newspapers—even blogs. Publicity is when OTHER people are talking about your book. A publicist is paid to pitch your books to magazines, TV, radio, etc in [...]

Where do Agents Fit in?

Where Do Agents Fit In Some publishers won’t talk to you without an agent. Agents have contacts with various publishing circles and pitch your manuscript to publishers on your behalf. The better deal they get for you, typically the more money they make, so they are motivated to get you as much as they can. [...]

Missile tourism

Missile Tourism The Air Force Times recently ran a story about F.E. Warren AFB, Wyoming turning one of their missile silos into a museum for the Peacekeeper missile and opening it to the public. ( Whiteman AFB, Missouri has already done this for the Minuteman II missile. "One of the most stressful and least glamorous [...]

Book Signings

Book Signings - Blue Dragon Publishing If you ever see an author sitting behind a table with stacks of books in front of him/her, take pity. Stop and say hello, even if you don't need another book. Give them human interaction so their time goes by more quickly. It's really hard to put yourself out [...]