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5 Things to Reduce Stress

Just in time! I read this article today from Entrepreneur Magazine with 5-Stress Relieving Strategies. Even I can find time for some of these. While some people are rushing to set their goals (and really mean it this year!), this article by Derek Doepker gives you 5 tips that you can squeeze into your day […]

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Writing for Young Adults

I recently took a workshop led by Jessica Grace Kelley and Hannah Capin about writing for young adults. Both Jessica and Hannah have published young adult fiction and had a lot to offer to the class. First thing to realize is that Young Adult is not a genre, it’s a category. Makes sense. Young Adult […]

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Volcanic Momentum

I enjoy reading a mix of fiction and fantasy to simply lose myself in the story. The other part of my brain craves improvement and knowledge. I recently picked up a book by Jordan Ring called Volcanic Momentum. There is something to be said for a book that pushes you to become a better you. […]

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Telephone Tuesday

Today is Telephone Tuesday. They truly have a day for everything! How does this relate to writing? Most phones these days have cameras. Pictures can be a great inspiration: a perfect scene that is begging to be described in one of your books; a fun quote posted on a bulletin board or at a shop. […]

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Using Unexpected Words Too Often

Did you ever read a book when the author uses a word that sticks in your brain? Maybe it’s a new word you’ve never heard before. Maybe it’s one you haven’t heard that often. It’s a great way to expand your vocabulary. But when the author uses the same word a few chapters later, does […]

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The City of Lost Fortunes Book Review

I LOVED THIS BOOK! Bryan Camp did a great job weaving together many different spiritualistic beliefs in a way that was entertaining and educational (in a fun way). The dialogue was realistic and catchy. Hard to believe this is his first book. I look forward to reading more of his work. Have you joined Goodreads […]

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Do Authors Ever Go On Vacation?

Short answer is…no. At least I don’t. Getting away from my desk is a relief and something I look forward to, but my laptop is never left behind. What if the urge hits me to knock out a few thousand words? I can’t pass up that opportunity. Although many authors recommend having a set schedule […]

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Swallow’s Dance

Swallow’s Dance by Wendy Orr My rating: 3 of 5 stars Reading was not a waste of time but I didn’t feel hooked from the beginning. It was more like something I had to finish because I started it. Even halfway through the book I was trying to identify the point of the story. The […]

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Conjunctions Reborn

This is a fun bit of trivia I wish I could go back and show my high school English teacher: according to the Chicago Manual of Style 5.206, it’s okay to begin a sentence with a conjunction. A conjunction is a joiner, typically of two sentences or thoughts—and, but, however, therefore, etc. The authors claim […]

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