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Creating cover art is a specialization in the book world. It is NOT my specialty. There are trends to track, colors to express emotion and fonts that convey meaning. In the traditional publishing world, the author may or may not have input into the cover process. As a hybrid publisher, I’m able to guide my […]

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Writing Goals

When my daughters were Girl Scouts going door-to-door selling cookies, it was hard to get them to see the long-term rewards of knocking on doors today. I had to break it down for them. They would determine what they were going to spend their cookie profits on, and we would work backwards to figure out […]

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April Rebirth

Spring is a season of new beginnings and rebirth. In the Blue Dragon Publishing world, it’s also the start of book signing season and new releases. Time to plan out the year ahead and prepare the authors for events. April is especially busy for Blue Dragon. We are hosting a Girl Scout Day on April […]

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Why Ebooks

When eBooks first came out, like all things tech, the sales shot up. There was talk that the print book was going out like the vinyl record (and you see they are coming back…). With the excitement of having light-weight, portable bookcases available at a reader’s fingertips, many people jumped on the bandwagon to experiment […]

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Spring Cleaning

Is your writing feeling dull and sluggish, following the weather trends outside? Maybe it’s time for spring cleaning. Perhaps your writing space has gotten cluttered over the winter; papers piled up, scribbled notes on scrap paper, unopened mail. Or is that just me? Take a few hours and go through those things. Touch it once! […]

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It’s Cookie Season

It’s cookie season. For some people that means extra pounds to work off later in the year. For others, it is a time to prepare their gracious “no thank you” speeches for when they have to walk past yet another Girl Scout cookie booth outside a store front. I was a Girl Scout leader for […]

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5 Things to Reduce Stress

Just in time! I read this article today from Entrepreneur Magazine with 5-Stress Relieving Strategies. Even I can find time for some of these. While some people are rushing to set their goals (and really mean it this year!), this article by Derek Doepker gives you 5 tips that you can squeeze into your day […]

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Writing for Young Adults

I recently took a workshop led by Jessica Grace Kelley and Hannah Capin about writing for young adults. Both Jessica and Hannah have published young adult fiction and had a lot to offer to the class. First thing to realize is that Young Adult is not a genre, it’s a category. Makes sense. Young Adult […]

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Volcanic Momentum

I enjoy reading a mix of fiction and fantasy to simply lose myself in the story. The other part of my brain craves improvement and knowledge. I recently picked up a book by Jordan Ring called Volcanic Momentum. There is something to be said for a book that pushes you to become a better you. […]

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Telephone Tuesday

Today is Telephone Tuesday. They truly have a day for everything! How does this relate to writing? Most phones these days have cameras. Pictures can be a great inspiration: a perfect scene that is begging to be described in one of your books; a fun quote posted on a bulletin board or at a shop. […]

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