Author Academy - Blue Dragon Publishing

Payment is due 3 days before the class begins.

In some cases, minimum number of students must be reached to hold the class.

Becoming an Author 1 Hour – ($25) – 11 Apr

What’s the difference between an author and a writer? Types of writing. Types of books. Rules per genre. Word count. Working spaces, support, motivation. Tools of the trade. Critique Groups.

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Creative Writers - 2 hours ($50) - 18 Apr

Workshop: Are you stuck at a place in your writing or having trouble getting started? In this workshop, we will cover where ideas come from, barriers to writing, stalled writing, doubts, fears, time, and writer’s block. We will do some mind mapping, brainstorming, bubble charts and/or outlining.

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Publishing Options and Pointers – 2 hours ($75) - 25 Apr

In the digital age, the face of publishing has been transformed. Certain definitions and actions are important regardless of the publishing option you select. When talking to printers and sales venues, you need a background knowledge across many aspects of publishing, formatting, editing, software programs, etc.

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Realistic Expectations - 2 hours ($75) - 2 May

Setting realistic goals is important for any venture. We’ll go through a sample timeline to help you determine how long it will take to get your manuscript published once you’ve finished writing it. How much will it cost to produce a quality book? What should you expect whether you are self-publishing or going traditional?

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Elevator Pitch and Back Blurb – 2-hour workshop ($75) - 9 May

Not all writers like to talk in front of people, but as an author, you will have to sell yourself in order to sell your book. You have 30 seconds to capture someone’s attention. Be confident. Be comfortable. Be proud. Then you need to be ready to give more details when asked. This will tie in nicely to the blurb you put on the back of your book and throughout your marketing materials.

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Query Letters and Agents – 2-hour workshop ($75) 16 May

Writing a good query letter is the first step in getting noticed by an agent or a publisher. How do we get them wanting more? The query letter is a thing of mystery that gives you one to two pages to sell your manuscript to an agent. We’ll hit the highlights and discuss what makes a good query letter stand out. We’ll also explore some of the tools to finding the right agent.

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Self-Publishing 101 – 2-hour workshop ($100) 23 May

You have decided to self-publish. Congratulations! We’ll answer some of your questions and help you get your accounts set up. Where do you get an ISBN? When do you pay taxes and how do you file? There are many steps to this business venture. Bring your computer and we will set you up during this workshop.

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Facebook Pages for Promotion – 2-hour workshop ($75) 20 June

Need some help getting started with your social media? Li Cara will walk you through setting up a Facebook Page for Promotion (NOT a personal page). There is a difference, and it’s important to understand why. She’ll teach you strategies for posting, how to create videos, and give ideas on how to better promote your book. Bring your laptop!

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Electives will be offered at a later date

Elective: Marketing Plan

You know you need to do it. If you’ve been putting it off, let us walk you through it together. Brainstorm out-of-the-box places and tools for marketing your book. Bring your computer and go home with a completed marketing plan.

Elective: Headshots

Authors are a brand in themselves. You need to present yourself as an author. We’ll have a photographer on hand to take headshots for your website and business cards. Dress nicely!

Marketing and Social Media – 2-hour workshop ($100) TBD

Marketing was hard enough in the print age; now we have to include social media. For some, that is a scary prospect. Together we will help you build a social media calendar and organize your marketing tools, so you don’t feel overwhelmed. Bring your computer and we can help you set up your accounts during this hands-on workshop.