Twitter Contests for Writers

twitter, literary, agents, publish, guideTwitter Contests for writers. A dream come true. A while back I wrote about finding a literary agent on Twitter. has an article on this topic that you should check out if you have a finished manuscript in search of an agent.

Here are the upcoming contests from Twitter they list:
April 5: #AdPit
April 5: #KidPit
April 7: #P2P17
April 15: #TeenPit
May TBA: #QueryKombat
June 8: #PitMad
June TBA: #SFFpit
August 2: #PitchWars
September 7: #PitMad
October TBA: #NoQS
December 7: #PitMad

So get your twitter account set up. Practice a little so you get the hang of it. Work on narrowing your pitch down to a captivating 140 characters. Keep pitching. It’s a chance that doesn’t cost you anything but time. Good luck!!

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