Margie Makes a Difference

Margie Makes a Difference NEW RELEASE!

softball, teamwork, deployment, friendship, mentor, military, fastpitch, sports;Margie Makes a Difference;trishBy Dawn Brotherton

Margie Makes a Difference. The Lady Tigers were all about being a team. From the very first tryout, Margie, Trish, Sally and Nikki, with the help of their coaches, found they were a force to be reckoned with. But like all teams, the girls find that even the highs of winning cannot crush the painful lessons of hardship both on and off the field.

When Margie’s dad is called away to serve his country, the Lady Tigers must band together to make a difference in the lives of military kids on the base. But will their efforts be a success or a big strike out?


“This plucky book affirms the value of hard work, team effort, and compassion. As Margie learns when she helps kids connect with their parents abroad, you can always use your own experiences to help other people—and volunteering gives you a great feeling, too.”Foreward Reviews

“Very few books have ever done as good a job of showing the price we pay for our military people to serve their country. “Margie Makes a Difference” has a lot to say about many different topics and does it very well.” – Midwest Book Review

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