Trish’s Team

softball, Lady Tigers, Trish, voilin, fastpitch, sports, girls, play

Margie Makes a Difference

softball, teamwork, deployment, friendship, mentor, military, fastpitch, sports

Nicole’s New Friend

Nicole, friend, friendship, softball, fstpitch. lady tigers, brotherton, coach

Softball Scoresheet

softball, fastpitch, sports, baseball

Managing the Maze-Your Guide to Senior Executive Service

Managing the Maze-Your Guide to Position Classification and Position Management

Managing the Maze-Your Guide to Position Management

The Practical Guide to Multicultural Marketing

Rouse, marketing, cultural, strategy, planning

After Seventy Years in Babylon

Christian, devotional, prayer, prayers, Turpin, Bible, inspirational, book, gift, present, soul, Babylon, After Seventy Years in Babylon

Sydney is Kind and Includes Daisy Margaret

Kindness, Miss Sheri, clown, Sydney, children, duck, friendship, Wilson

Chuck Taylor: Not a Scaredy Pig

Carvajal, Chuck, pig, cartoon, lesson, fear, frightened, Cisco

Chuck Taylor and the Hormiguita

pig, ant, Spanish

Tale of a Lost Dog Found

barrett, dog, lost, pet, magnus, puppy, missing

The Obsession

Brotherton, austin, mystery, stalker, murder, military, missile

Wind the Clock

Brotherton, Austin, mystery, murder, military, F-16, airplane

Worth the Wait

Brotherton, romance, misty austin. bronze, award, winning, love, sex

Cavaliers and Friends: My Two Favorite Things

Cavalier, friends, dogs, Mary, Gree, Colburn. coffee table, book, rescue, puppies, kids, pets, kennek, country, australia, japan, us, uk

Life and Loss: A Family Battles Multiple Sclerosis

battle, multiple, sclerosis, disease, grief, bereavement, Browne, daughter, loss Anthony, Michael Brown, Toni, love, console, depression